*USED* Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - PS3 *NTSC-J*

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Brand/Publisher(s):   Square Enix  

Genre:   Role-Playing  

Alternate Item Number:   BLJM-60589  

Third Item Number/ISBN:     

ESRB Rating:   CERO A  

Developer(s):   Square Enix  

Details:   Fully remastered in HD, KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX is a compilation of the critically acclaimed KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX, previously exclusive to the Japanese market, and KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories. In addition, the two-in-one-disc package will feature HD cinematic story videos from KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days, enhanced gameplay mechanics and PlayStation 3 system trophies. Players can now relive the origins of the celebrated franchise with Sora, Riku and the colorful cast of Disney characters, including Mickey, Donald and Goofy.  

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