Agony - Xbox One

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Brand/Publisher(s):   Maximum Games  

Genre:   Horror  

Alternate Item Number:   X11-40710  

ESRB Rating:   M 17+  

Developer(s):   Madmind Games  

Description:   Navigate the horrors of the underworld in Agony for the Xbox One. Stripped of your memories, you take on the role of a tormented soul, using your blood to draw secret patterns and reveal hidden paths. Fight the temptation of the Red Goddess to keep you in the world of Agony. Features Surpass the limits of your mind, and exploit every shadow to hide and survive. Test your nerves of steel, and venture into the most secret realms of hell Find secret patterns and draw them with your own blood on the sacrificial stones. Collect ancient artifacts and use their powers to discover hidden paths in another dimension Huge, visually stunning levels and a uniquely terrifying game design. Find your path through a mystical floating forest and other hostile environments Resist the seductive yet dangerous Red Goddess in this terrifying story of horror, eroticism, and damnation inspired by Dante Alighieri's Inferno Suitable for one player  

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